Forensic Social Work, Counseling & Mitigation Services

At Friedberg Counseling our Social Workers and Counselors provide the following forensic services:

  • Consultation, education, or training to Criminal justice, juvenile justice, and correctional systems, attorneys, law makers, law enforcement personnel and the public.
  • Diagnosis, assessments, recommendations and treatment to criminal and juvenile justice populations. Diagnosing, treating, or making recommendations about mental status, children’s interests, incapacities, or inability to testify. Screening, evaluating, or treating law enforcement and other criminal justice personnel.
  • Serve as an expert witness
  • Parenting Facilitation
  • Forensic Mental Health Evaluations
  • Court Ordered Evaluations
  • Litigation Assistance

Mitigation Specialist Services

As Mitigation Specialists, we prepare comprehensive psycho-social histories of defendants through client interviews, collateral interviews with multi-generational family members and others, and the collection and evaluation of life history records (school, hospital, child welfare agencies, etc.). We use this information to develop mitigation themes and work with attorneys to present this information on the client’s behalf.

In addition, we consult with experts, manage relationships with clients and their families, as well as maintain contacts with local social service providers to connect clients with needed services and inform client advocacy.

For more information on Forensic Social Work, Counseling & Mitigation Services, please contact us at [email protected] .

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